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Certificate of Service, certificate of destruction and deregistration of the vehicle

We know that is very annoying to have a vehicle and also unusable, having to discard it.

En Auto Dismantling Rufete contribute to the extent possible to provide customers with this process, first with our Home collection service and subsequently, Once the delivery to the CAT, with the transaction.

Article 4. Delivery vehicles for treatment.

2. …”delivery cost-free for

holder when the vehicle without market value or this is negative, provided it contains at least the body and powerplant, and do not include other elements not belonging to it or you have made any previous operation or removal of component parts”.

In our center we make an assessment of the vehicle delivered, paying the owner the amount agreed in the course of accepting the same. The owner also offer all facilities for deregistration of it and of all the documentation that this process entails: delivery certificates, destruction and low.

Article 5. Delivery Documentation.

1. The delivery of the car at a reception facility must be accredited by the facility free of charge by a certificate of delivery, demonstration of the provision for decontamination vehicle ...

2. The delivery of the vehicle at an authorized treatment for their decontamination, whether conducted directly by the holder as if from a reception facility, will be documented by the corresponding certificate of destruction, (…)and will be issued free of charge by the center.

3. The accreditation certificate of destruction to the life of the vehicle, resulting in immediate decontamination as hazardous waste, and justify the final floor of the vehicle in the Registry of Vehicles General Traffic, for which purpose the treatment center issuer shall send the said General Directorate relationship decontaminated vehicle identification ...”

Likewise, we appreciate the fact that we offer to individuals who do the delivery for decontamination in Auto Dismantling Rufete an against economic valuation very advantageous compared to that offered by the dealer for the old vehicle.